We offer services in the field of film sound and audio technology for each phase of production.

Creative audiography ranging over preproduction, production and postproduction! This
includes sound recording, editing, sound design and mixing (premix).

„Because we love making movies!“



We can advise you on the preparation phase of film production.

Good planning leads to labour and time saving, cost reduction, as well as prevention of complications during the shoot.

  • Equipment selection
  • Budgeting
  • Location Scouting
  • Understanding the audiographic vision of the filmmakers, implement and advancing ideas



Being a freelance sound mixer and sound assistant with an own state-of-the-art equipment, as well as having the highest quality standards, I also provide optimum results in acoustically challenging venues. I do not shy away from any challenge.

Groundwork for the post-production includes:

  • Sound Design: I collect passionate ambiance, sounds and sound effects, helping you to minimize your costs and save valuable post-production time
  • Editing: Audio files are labelled directly on set according to the script, which makes their location simple and user-friendly.
  • Making Of: I am also keen to make a few photos and short videos with my DSLR camera.



As a sound editor, sound designer and sound collector with an own ever-growing library, I perform the following tasks:

  • Editing, sound design, Foley FX, Mix (premix).
  • Cooperation with well known post-production companies and freelancers in munich.



A Canon digital camera with video function is also available. With my mobile equipment, I also like to make recordings of concerts, lectures, interviews, etc. or record your band.