Rental of equipment for high performance.
We offer the latest in next-generation soundgear, it’s guaranteed you’ll never find better quality anywhere!
Our technology provides superb quality, the highest data security and flexible mobility. Our well-researched and tested product selection fits every demand, whether it is a documentary or fiction, in the deepest jungle or in every concrete jungle.
We have the right solution for you in our portfolio!

“Because we love making movies!”


Our range of equipment includes eg:

Field Recorder:

Sound Devices 788T SSD, incl. CL-8, CL-WIFI

  • Timecode capability
  • excellent conversion, 8 very low noise microphone inputs
  • guarantees the highest possible data security. Record up to 12 tracks simultaneously to the internal solid state disk and a CompactFlash card
  • AES42 digital phantom power for operation of modern digital microphones, like our Schoeps SuperCMIT
  • robust and climate-proof design enables operation in extreme situations
  • simplified operation extention, thanks to CL-8
  • Remote control and easy labeling of files, extention thanks to CL-WIFI

Stereo Recorder Sony PCM-D50 incl. XLR Adapter

  • Mini field recorder,
  • compact and very robust spatial stereo Atmos perfect
  • As a backup recorder or easy to use for interviews


Schoeps SuperCMIT

  • New, digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity
  • exceptional suppression of diffuse sound, transparent sound
  • based on the highly successful analog model CMIT

Sennheiser MKH416

  • The Industry Standard
  • Very low self noise
  • robust and climate-proof design enables operation in extreme situations

Ambient ATE208 Emesser

  • M-S stereo with 8-directional pattern
  • Perfect for documentaries

Wireless Microfones:

Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid

  • Dual receiver
  • 2x Mini Transmitter
  • Latest generation of hybrid wireless technology
  • Innovative technology, superior audio quality, robust radio link
  • Remote control through iPhone / iPad App
  • Robust Voice Tech Microphones


CINELA Windshields and suspensions

  • perfect wind protection
  • optimally decoupled suspensions
  • Ambient booms, K & M stands
  • useful and convenient tools Ambient
  • Rycote, Koala windscreen;
  • Headphones, cable and adapter cables, batteries + chargers, memory cards, cases, etc.
  • other various microphones suitable for music recordings, concert recordings, etc.
  • SLR Canon 550D


Mobile audio editing suite:

  • Hardware: APPLE Mac Book Pro 17″, PC
  • Software: AVID Pro Tools 9 , MAGIX Samplitude 10;
  • Audition: YAMAHA HS50N